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Beyond Desire

Beyond Desire collects a new edition of Esoterotica’s first anthology, Desire, along with Pervspectives, and Beyond Desire, our two collaboratively written plays for the New Orleans Fringe Festival.

Pervspectives explores the variety of personalities and proclivities that you can find at a fetish event. When put together each of these voices create the evening’s atmosphere, uncovering the emotions, desires, focus, confusion, and understanding that they are experiencing as well as being witness to. Immerse yourself in the kinky, the sexual, the sometimes hilarious, but altogether undeniably human.

Beyond Desire exposes our needs and nuances in all their glorious and overarching similarity; the universal need for connection, understanding, passion, trust. With every intimacy, no matter our race, gender, or sexuality we all share the same excitement, hope, complexity, fear, and heartache when we take a lover’s hand in ours and dare to fall.

Desire offers you poetry and prose devoted to the sensuality found in the body and in the mind, in nature and in the elements, in memories of past lovers and in present encounters. From the ecstasy found in that one perfect kiss to the unparalleled joy of unabashed sex, journey with us into the two binders of humanity, sexuality and written language.

These collected works, with their beauty, vulnerability, intensity, and above all honesty, will delight your imagination, stimulate your senses, inspire your exploration, and explicitly provoke your desire..


Esoterotica has been doing its dirty, beautiful, literary thing for five years and in that time we’ve grown from an intimate group of folks reading out of our journals, to a full revolving cast of poets, performers, and artists writing specifically for this stage. In our third anthology we offer you Longing in a myriad of ways - for touch, for love, for forgiveness, for fantasy, for acceptance, for something lost but not at all forgotten, for dreams and inspiration, for something new to take your breath away. In each life we find ourselves experiencing stages.

This book seeks to highlight them. From the exposure of self to the exploration of others, what it takes to find release, the recipe for our own deviation, the seduction of enchantment, to the surprise of salvation and the deep fulfillment found in solace, and then finally finding our way home.


Twenty-one of Esoterotica's provocateurs and one sultry photographer come together again to bring you this, our second anthology, Enflame. However, with these pages we wish to not only provoke your desires, but spark your imagination, igniting within you passion, stimulation, reverence, indulgence, fervor, yearning, and ravenous want, as well as our love for our dazzlingly gorgeous contrast of a city, New Orleans.

These pieces of poetry and prose set alight tender moments of comfort, intimate laughter, flares of lust and the glow of love, but also included are those times when what sets us ablaze can singe, smolder, and even reduce us to ashes. We encourage you to find in this book what speaks to you, kindles your fantasies and illuminates your realities, that you may live more freely, love more fully, and burn more deliberately, as yourself.