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Aime’ SansSavant

Aime' SansSavant is not the real Dread Pirate Roberts, but has been called 'the best kind of trouble-maker.' She is Esoterotica's live host and chief cat-wrangler, founder and co-producer. An unreliable narrator and a bit of a wild card, she lives at the corner of Love and Poetry.

Shadow Angelina

Shadow Angelina taught herself to read at age 3. She’s still teaching herself anything that grabs her promiscuous attentions- be it art, literature, bodies, spaces, or the feel of old pages and vellum against skin. A daughter of the sea and of the swamp, she combines that magic with her own and reminds you that sirens come in many forms.

Geoff Munsterman

Geoff Munsterman comes from Plaquemines Parish but now lives in New Orleans’ Holy Cross neighborhood. His full-length collection Because the Stars Shine Through It was published in 2013 and in late 2018 he released Abandon, a chapbook of his Esoterotica writings. He can usually be found at Crescent City Books or Flora’s Gallery & Coffee Shop. He prefers to be asked before being hugged.

Mike Marina

I am not your midnight lover, a vague fantasy, or an attractive phantom. I am the longing second before a kiss, the knowing glance across the bar, the click of handcuffs on a bed post. My name is Mike Marina, and I write what I see.


Panzachual is a poet and writer that has lived in New Orleans for the past eight years. Within the erotic he finds the primal, the urges of our true selves that long to surface through our actions. Words express dreams. Dreams express desires. Desires are wrapped within the intellectual and the visceral. To follow desire, we grant strength to the expression of our erotic being.

Roux B Shears

Roux B. Shears is a writer who spends most of her days chasing children and making things out of glitter and sticks. A native to New Orleans, she grew up haunting cemeteries and hoodwinking tourists. She has been known to charm dragons, befriend monsters, and beguile pranksters when she can drag herself away from whatever she happens to be reading. A student as well as a recovering caffeine addict she has a tendency to speak in movie quotes.

Just Shannon

Just Shannon has been known as a nomad, a teacher, a naturalist, and a vociferous advocate of the self-founded “Bring Back the Handjob” campaign. They are still at least one of those things. Coming to New Orleans was an experiment in root-laying and is now an ongoing lesson in lovemaking of all kinds. You can thank the city for their poetry.


The first porn Harvey ever looked at on the Internet was BDSM erotica that had pictures with the text. She thinks this explains what she's doing here pretty well. She is currently working on editing less and reading more. Lovers on 4 continents, all content. Actually that just sounds true. And great. Doesn't it sound great?

Juliet Rose

Juliet Rose is equal parts werecoyote and hopeless romantic. Unapologetically Indigenous. A mix of witchcraft, raw Mars energy, and bonfire made flesh, with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and controversy for flavor. An occasionally put together mess who shows her vulnerability best the harder she tries to remain elusive. In her writing she invites you to let her love you madly, while never ceasing to remind you it will always be the wild she loves most of all.

Wendalyn Wolf

I'm a creator, a maker, above all else. I make art, I make stories, I make messes, I make trouble, I make out. Like a bandit.

Invaluable Emily

A heart of gold, with a carbon soul.
They call me invaluable, Invaluable Emily.


Alice grew rapidly in the corners and edges of this country before coming to call New Orleans home, where she has become a prominent fixture in the Bywater and Marigny Areas. The Crescent City would prove to be the perfect soil to help Alice blossom both in her writing, and her sexuality. Alice’s erotic and sensual nature exists as a singular force, seeking out new and unexplored experiences through both her private, and the written world. With her focus now primarily on poetry, Al paints erotic imagery laced in seductive prose.

Far From Home

Lilith Red

Sometime writer. Sometime actor. Sometime painter. Loves leather, lace and black heels. Keeps journal and bad hours.

Otter Goodfellow

R.K. Powers is a poet and performance artist operating under code name Otter Goodfellow. The world is her oyster, but only because she is willing to crack it open against her chest in search of sustenance and pearls. She has the bite strength of a black bear and has been known to show her affection through her teeth; consider yourself forewarned.