Shadow Angelina

Shadow Angelina enters and exits the world as an artist. A probing photographer, full¬time smoker, make out warrior, and fearless writer whose family has called New Orleans home since 1727. Her photographs have been featured in magazines, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Library of Congress, and numerous art shows and galleries. As a poet she has been published in multiple anthologies and in two volumes of her own work, The Heart of a Hurricane is Fear on a Stage in a Monsters Ballet and Barbed Choir, both by Next Left Press. She has performed her original work in the New Orleans Fringe Festival, Storyville Rising, Esoterotica, the New Orleans Arena, and numerous stages across the world. She is the kind of salacious switch no one knew to warn you about. Queer, complicated, and commanding, she is unashamedly strange and unquestionably rare. Find her on Facebook and Instagram.

What you didn’t know you’d like

I am going to deny you your favorite things.
But first a lick
just enough to pick
up the pace



Listen, my breath quickens
this is the calm before the storm kicks in
inhale the change in the air as you
Eager as you are to please me,
you’re missing what watching you does for me
Darling, look at you,
trying to touch me-
Don’t touch me.
I use no binds
Restrain your own hands.
I like to watch you struggle with yourself
All this tension in your wrists and hips
A desire to rock and thrust-
Withhold it.

to the moans pouring over my lips
down jaw and neck
collecting at my collar bones
I know how much you want a sip
My slick
fingers drag over your tongue
I tighten
as you whimper around them
when my other hand covers your eyes

Don’t look at me.
Keep them closed.
narrow focus
until the whole world
is my taste
and if I’ll take it away.
And when you’re ready,
turnabout is fair play...