Roux B. Shears

Raised in a city fraught with conflicting religions, I chose words instead as my doctrine. The library became my holy ground and every book an enlightened manuscript. I read constantly and books became my happy place. They gave me an escape, allowing me to live in worlds I would never see and letting me become people that I never thought I could be. Through reading I found myself drawn towards writing. I found words of my own through those on the page. But my words never seemed to lead me anywhere, until a happy coincidence led me to Esoterotica. After just one show, I knew what I wanted to do with all of those words I’d been collecting. I wanted to make someone feel the way I had felt sitting there in the audience at the Allways Lounge, listening to all of the great writers of Esoterotica. And if I can make one heart beat faster, one mouth run dry, one pair of eyes close, if only for a moment...that it will be worth all the sleepless nights I’ve ever had.