Otter Goodfellow

"And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration."
-Book of Revelations

Esoterotica's own barefoot priestess and Whore of Babylon is currently to be found wandering the wilderness of the west coast, drinking deep of the ancient wisdom of the body and spreading the good word of sultry southern sensuality. 

Ever and always diving deeper into the secret places where profane and sacred meet, meld, and mirror, her work is decidedly visceral in its allure. Her idea of "beauty" and "art" is that which breaks you open and pulls your heart out into the world where it cannot be ignored.  Despite several thousand miles of distance, she still manages to grace the stage: In her own flesh, when times allow, or through the ecstatic possession of one of her fellow provocateurs. And what an ecstatic experience it is.....

Kali Speaks:

In the darkness of the new moon,
You come to the cremation ground
seeking a vision from a fever dream-
Just what is a sweet sinner like you
doing in a place like this?
The scent of ash, blood, and the sweet perfume of sweat
drift over this blackened landscape and I call to you,
Set me free.
I will kill you if you set me free.
Now set me free.
Oh you lost, lust-filled boy.
Looking for salvation in all the wrong places,
And now, you’ve found your way to my temple garden
and I can see you shaking,
terrified of your own desire.
Let me whisper you a secret,
Let me tell you the taboo truth:
The word of Sin is restriction.
The fire between your legs is the purest part of you.
Your only hope for redemption is to let go
Let it consume you.
Here I am, all embers and sulphur and hell
Here is the truth, sweet boy
Hell is the name for the part of ourselves we do not wish to see
And with each one of my kisses I will drag you there.
Let fall your dreams of salvation, lover, there has never been anyone who could save you.
I dance across the distance between us
A shimmy of my shoulders brings the dry laughter
from the flapping jaws of the severed heads
that adorn my perfect breast
and the bones of righteous men rattle
with every roll of my hips.
Fall to your knees and beg-
Knowing you will find no mercy here,
beg anyway
That’s a Good boy.
My cup runneth over with the wine of abominations
Drink deep, dearest
Dig your fingers into my hips
and push your face through my girdle of bones
press your lips into mine and lick yourself clean
Now dance with me, all sinew and smolder
Give yourself over to my ten-armed embrace
Feel your flesh peel and crackle with every nibble and caress
of my infamous tongue
Release your coiled splendour into me and make us one
This is holiness, darling, this is your burning flesh
this is your blackened bone
this is your revelation
this is the surrender of your tender, fragile ego
to your ecstatic divinity.
this is your hell- the part of yourself you cannot bear to look at
Because it is brilliant