Mike Marina

It’s all in the eyes. I am a collector of stories and experiences. I tend to write from my personal experience or stories people have shared with me, focusing on real situations. Love and sex aren’t always pretty, and we have to accept the ugly to enjoy the beautiful right?

After spending my time travelling the world, living life and feeling love, I have settled in New Orleans, cuddling in the comforting arms of Esoterotica. Here I ply my trade onstage and tells stories of love from a different perspective. Come, sit down for a while, and show me yours…

Gotta do it blindfolded

Let’s just lay out the facts
I’m a big guy in many senses
I have a big body
A big voice
Big smile
And a big personality to boot

2nd. I proudly enjoy my freedoms and talk with
My hands way too much

That is to say,
I’m tough to pin down
That is to say
If you want to tie me, We gotta do it blind folded

At least if I do, if you don’t want me
Struggling against my bonds
Because I always struggle
You gotta blindfold me
It helps
Lets me lose myself in the abyss
Of your touch, this tool
And the reactions of this body