Alice was created in a one-light Indiana town. Her childhood was spent in the southwest corner of Florida. She quickly set her sights on the bay area of California where she spent the next four years of her life. A year before Katrina would ravage New Orleans, Alice would begin the first chapter of her life in the Crescent City. Her wanderlust reignited, and soon Alice would find herself adrift on the roads of America. She often found herself staying with locals wherever she was welcomed. New York called to her, and for a year Brooklyn held her in its arms, till the call home became too strong.
In 2010 Alice found her way back to New Orleans where she has become a prominent fixture in the Bywater and Marigny Areas. Through all of her travels she never stopped writing, eagerly seeking her voice. New Orleans would prove to be the perfect soil to help Alice blossom both in her writing, and her sexuality.
Alice’s erotic and sensual nature exists as a singular force, seeking out new and unexplored experiences through both her private, and the written world. As her foray through the sexual landscape lends an adventurous and interesting light to her writing. With her focus now primarily on poetry, Al paints erotic imagery laced in seductive prose. Using her uncanny ability to empathize with the various people that cross her path she explores the depths of human desires and cravings.
Currently many of her works exist in the various notebooks found covering her writing space. However, the lucky internet wanderer can find more of her work at

Are You Ready

I am not a musician
but honey,
the tunes I can croon
will move you
in my bedroom

I am not a painter
but the colors I cause
in your mind
can blind

I am not a sculptor
but I will mold us
into shapes that can stand
strong as stone through
heavy demand

I am not a dancer
but darling I will
slide sway push and glide
us into rythmes
so deep and so fine
that we’ll both feel like we’re
dancing with stars

But baby
I am a writer

I am artist
and unapologetically open
And I am
Hot as fuck
And ready for you


The air is both
fire hose
and fire

burning wet power
puts it’s pressure on me

like my lover
the heat binds me
restricts my movement
my breathing slow
and heavy
let’s me know
who’s in control

the sunlight screams
it’s way through my skin
through core
to clit
transforms me into


and the living is easy.

The Cause and the Cure
Or, How Esoterotica Can Help You Save Your Life

Look at this thing
body broken like the twigs I left
on the forest floor
I’ve been collecting them
as I follow the trail out
to build a house
Oh sweetness!
will you come
to find me in the bathtub
partially assembled
and bleeding the tale
of dark water
will you grab my hands for me
I left them on the floor
by the empty towel rack
and without them
the faucet just keeps running

and I don’t want to drown

Too many times my head has been
pushed down
first I learned to hold my breath
then to dive
into parts of the sea
so deep
the only light comes from the glowing parts of fishes
I took to diving
quite naturally
that’s how it is
when you start so young
it’s a quick trip down
the weight on this soul sinks easy
but such a hard trip
back up

My admission is this
I need you

I need the look in your eyes
when you said
think of our kiss
I need the curves of
your river of steel
to caress me for an hour
to kiss
from here
to here

I need your soothing beauty
and barely disguised elegance
wrapped in a passion
that has surely set a fire
in my hummingbird heart

I need the hard hugs
that start tiny explosions down my spine
as your power pushes my breath

I need the warmth your hands bring
as I am guided to transcendence
through pain

I need you to find for me
the cost of a rose

I need my monster and his ropes
with the hands that can fashion
one of the safest places I know
And I only need the memory
of my ghost
alive and over me
hidden in the dark night’s secrets
but I still need to hear
the war in your words
that wrap around my throat
like the collar I wore once
for you

I need your flower eyes
in sunrise light
soft as sight through the dream lens
your kisses betray your
freshwater origin
my lips let you breath in
while you allow my heart
to fall out with my breath

Dearest, I can’t see the rainbow
but knowing you could see it
is just as good
or better

I need all the kisses
and caresses
limbs sliding between mine
hypnotic rocking like a
boat in harbor
gentle with me

I need you to love me
like the sun loves the seed
sprouting up from underground
and through the clouds

I need the love letters you send
by throwing them at the moon
so I can catch them as they bounce
back to me

But mostly please,
I need your stories
your words
let me use them to wash off
the weight that holds me still
too deep
‘cause whether by eyes or lips or ears or hands or whips
or shared sweet tears
or by the fucking poetry
I see in all of your lives
I need you all because

When I connect to you
I connect to me too
and it’s been too long
that I’ve been too good
at detaching