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Today is
Every Other Wednesday at
The AllWays Lounge & Cabaret 2240 St. Claude Ave. NOLA
21 & Up, $5 at the Door
ID's & Proof of Vaxx Required

We Strive to Create an 
Inclusive & Safe Space for
Our Audience & Provocateurs. 
No Matter Who You Are, What You Desire, or Whom You Love, All Are Welcome

Wednesday Nights

  • January 4th
    • Sexiest Selections of 2022, Volume One

      The name says it all! Part one of the sexiest, most sensual, emotionally powerful erotica from 2021 delivered live in two parts. Can you handle our absolute best?

  • January 18th
    • Sexiest Selections of 2022, Volume Two

      Part two of the sexiest, most sensual, emotionally powerful erotica from 2021 delivered live in two parts. Can you handle our absolute best?

  • February 1st
    • Love Letters

      To loves present, past, or future, fictional, real, or to yourself… what would you say if you let yourself spill all over the page?

  • February 15th
    • Lust & Other Sins

      How do you define sin in your world? As we construct our own lives, boundaries, and expressions of pleasure, we redefine sin and whether it defines us.

  • March 1st
    • Sexual Manifestos

      Who we are sexually, our practices, desires, ethics, is phenomenally personal, and yet often, also universally relatable. This is our public declaration of who we are, what we want, and how we fuck.

  • March 15th
    • Syn-Aesthetic

      There is a special sensuality to a lover whose name tastes like pear or whose voice sounds like purple. On this night, Esoterotica’s provocateurs will translate their memories of people across the senses, summoning a stimulating evening of synesthetic erotica.

  • March 29th
    • Challenge Accepted

      On March 15 we will be asking the audience to write down anonymous suggestions for themes. Each of our Provocateurs will pick one at random and will have two weeks to write a piece of new, original erotica to be performed live on stage. This is gonna be fun…

  • April 12th
    • In One Breath

      Our Provocateurs will choose a single line from another’s poem, story, novel, or quote and compose a response. What can be inspired in just one breath? The possibilities are endless.

  • April 26th
    • Elementals

      Something ‘elemental’ is a force of nature, uncontrollable, undeniable, surfacing in the sexual and sensual of a person, an event, or is simply innate in our very being.

  • May 10th
    • Mixtape Requiem

      Music is pivotal to the human condition. The soundtrack of our lives moves us in ways we can never shake, and wouldn’t want to.

  • May 24th
    • Gods & Monsters

      Love, sex, desire can make Gods & Monsters of us all, often both at the same time.

  • June 7th
    • Period Piece of Ass

      Fucking throughout all of human history has been a lot more interesting than you’ve been led to believe.

  • June 21st
    • Hot, Wet, Dressed: New Orleans Erotica

      For our breath of life, our muse, our most delicious, and deliciously messy liaison... New Orleans.

  • July 5th
    • Sexual Multi-verse

      In a parallel universe, in an alternate timeline, if things had been different, a corner not turned, road not taken, who might you have been? How might you have loved?

  • July 19th
    • Tarot, The Spread IV

      Esoterotica’s Provocateurs reimagine the Major and Minor Arcana for a fourth year of esoteric and erotic weavings.

  • August 2nd
    • (Juxta)Positions

      The human experience is full of contradictions, so of course, are our sexual experiences and adventures. Let’s explore some of them together, leather and lace, laughing through tears, warm lips on a cold night, you get the idea.

  • August 16th
    • Sticky, Sweaty, Yes!

      August is hot. Sticky. Sweaty. And so is sex. So, what do you say, Sexy, let’s get hot.

  • August 30th
    • Inflict Pleasure: Kink & Fetish Erotica

      Kink and fetish are interwoven with the fabric of the human experience. Being subversive in our expression of sexuality has existed for as long as sexuality has. Let’s get into it.

  • September 13th
    • Who You Return To

      We all have those lovers we can’t shake. Those who we seem to orbit again and again. Their pull is enticing, the desire intoxicating, and while at times invigorating, not always wise to follow.

  • September 27th
    • See & Be Seen

      Welcome to Dionysian sex club featuring both public and private performances, and not only by the professionals, along with plenty of places to get explicit. Sexy surroundings, sexy times, and unwaveringly sexy people. We invite you. Take our hand as we guide you in a collaboratively written evening of what it is to See & Be Seen.

  • October 11th
    • Sex & Celluloid

      We all know those films where the sex should have been epic. Here’s the do-over.

  • October 25th
    • Are you Afraid?: Horror Erotica

      Back by popular demand. Sometimes fear and sex intersect. This Halloween season we are going all out for an erotica show unlike any other. We will be bringing you the dark, macabre, and violent.

  • November 8th
    • Written in the Stars: Astrological Erotica

      Yours, your partner’s, or the one you desire… join us as we explore the erogenous aspects of the zodiac.

  • November 22nd
    • Feast for the Senses

      Abundance applies to so many of our favorite things. We look and listen, taste and touch, not just ourselves or in our own lives, but the lives of lovers, friends, even strangers, can be changed when we pay attention.

  • December 6th
    • Sexual Interventions

      What breaks you out of limbo and numbness? Can bring about a rejuvenation of your sensual self? When has it happened before? Who would you ask when it was needed again?

  • December 20th
    • The Giver

      Whether you’re the one giving or the one receiving, devotion, pleasure, comfort, care, both roles are sacred, intimate, filthy, sublime.

  • January 3rd, 2024
    • Sexiest Selections of 2023

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